Masami Kurumada

Masami Kurumada is a Japanese writer, known for his popular manga books, such as ‘Fuma no Kojiro’, ‘Ring ni Kakero’, ‘Saint Seiya’, and ‘B’t X’.

Born in Tsukishima, Chuo, Tokyo, on the 6th of December, 1953, Masami Kurumada’s career really took off, firstly, as a manga artist. After winning an award in a manga art contest, Kurumada secured a job and then honed his craft working with professional manga artists. Already a respected artist in his early 20s, 1974 saw Masami Kurumada become a professional manga artist in his own right when he created ‘Sukeban Arashi’.

Anime drawing of Masami Kurumada

In 1977, Masami Kurumada created 'Ring ni Kakero'.

In 1977, Masami Kurumada created ‘Ring ni Kakero’, which achieved popular acclaim – and remains the author’s favourite work. More success followed, as ”Fuma no Kojiro’ was also well received in 1982 and 1983, and around the time that the ‘Ring ni Kakero’ story was coming to a close. Masami Kurumada also wrote manga short stories from the start of his professional career up until 1983. Masami Kurumada’s career wasn’t all plain sailing however, and several of his works were cancelled, included the uncompleted ‘Otoko Zaka’ in 1984.

Masami Kurumada has had a number of his manga creations adapted for anime, anime movies, and live action films. Most notably, ‘Saint Seiya’ – which has been adapted for all three, including as a musical and a super musical.

The author’s male characters are invariably heroic and selfless, and Masami Kurumada draws on much of the inspiration for his creations from his own experiences of dabbling in the martial arts. Also, Osamu Tezuka‘s Star System is a manga technique that has obviously influenced Masami Kurumada. This is a technique that involves utilizing different characters, but the characters have a similar physical appearance and personality traits. Kurumada’s principal characters are also often similar in appearance to Takane Ryuji, who was first seen in ‘Ring ni Kakero’.

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